Pricing & Licensing Information

Price and Paiement

Here are our current pricing for Find & Replace It! v2.3:

  • Individual License: $19.90
  • 3 License Pack: $29.90
  • 10 License Pack: $89.90

We accept the following payement types:

  • Major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • PayPal account balance


License Terms

Before using Find & Replace It! you must accept the End User License Agreement.

Find & Replace It! is protected by a licenses system. Hence to get a license for the full version of the product you should activate your product with a serial code called Activation Key. Without the activation, the software can still be run in demo mode with some limitations. You'll find more information in the user manual.

The license will last forever, provided you do not reinstall your copy of the software on a different "hardware configuration" (see Important Notes below).

The license covers all minor updates (e.g.: all 0.x.y releases). Some major updates (e.g.: from 0.x to 1.x) might be included in the license but without guarantee.

Important Notes:

  • One license allows you to install the software on only one computer at one time.
  • A license is valid for only one type of operating system (i.e.: Linux, Mac or Windows).
  • We kindly request people who have two computers running the same type of operating system (either Linux, Mac or Windows) to contact our support to get a second key for free.
  • If your hardware configuration has changed, you might require an update of your license in order to reactivate the product. Such an update is totally free of charge.
  • All demands regarding the licenses updates should be adressed to: support[at]dprog[dot]ch.



If you have any questions about pricing and/or license terms, don't hesitate to write to us at: order[at]dprog[dot]ch.