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Find & Replace It! is a high-end solution to find files and execute search and replace operations across multiple files. It allows performing very complex batch replacements inside text files of any size. It supports regular expression syntax and dozens of encodings. It has scripting capabilities which allow transforming on the fly the replacement text for every found string. It even handles batch processing of the encoding of files, as well as of types of end-of-lines.

To learn more about this incredible text replacement tool visit the related product page and discover the demonstration videos.

If you are looking for a regular expression based search and replace GUI tool that is able to handle multiple files/subdirectories, you've probably found a solution that should fulfill your most requiring needs. Get your free 30-day trial now! The demo version comes with all major features except that you can neither save configuration files nor replace text directly in files. However the preview window let you see the result of replacements in a read-only mode.

Donwload or buy Find & Replace It! - Current version is 2.3.3, released on December 21, 2015.

Find & Replace It! - The easy way to find and replace text in files

Support for Mac OS X Yosemite and Windows 8.1

Find & Replace It! 2.3.2 brings support for the most recent versions of three major OS distributions:

  • Support for Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Ubuntu 15.04

The stability of this version has been thoroughly tested, with dozens of hours of text replacements jobs across thousands of files.

Find & Replace It! available on Apple's App Store

Find & Replace It! is available on the Mac App Store! For that, we had to do a special distibution with a new End User License Agreement. This agreement allows any single user to install as many copies of the software as he want, for a price a little bit higher.


Unfortunately this is a very frustrating situation for us as well. It happens that our application does not meet the requirements to be distributed on the App Store anymore.

The problem reported by Apple is "Usage of undocumented API". This is due to the fact that we ship Find & Replace It! with QtWebKit 2.2. This library allows us to provide an excellent HTML preview when doing search and replace operations whithin HTML files. Until a few month ago, Apple did not complain about this issue. But now, we simply can't distribute the latest version on Find & Replace It! on the App Store, since Apple considers that our software is not compliant anymore with their guidelines. Though, until a few months ago, everything were perfect for them. The most amazing thing here is that WebKit 2 is used inside Safari, therefore it must also use some undocumented API. It appears that the rules that apply to third party developpers do not apply to Apple's own developpers... To be short, if we want to meet Apple's requirements to update our application on the App Store, we should remove several features from the software, which is of course not acceptable.

At this time we cannot give a delay to solve the problem. For people who really want/need an update now, we can provide a license key for a non-App Store version. This would require our customers who purchased from the App Store to register on our website to activate a copy of Find & Replace It! that is available here:

If you're interested in obtaining a license key for a non-App Store version (it's mainly a matter of license agreement, see, just let us know by using our support form, and we'll provide you a licence for $5 only! This is the equivalent of the price difference between the price of version 2.0 you purchased on the App Store and the current price of the latest release. We only request you to send us a screenshot of the About dialog of Find & Replace It! while it's running on your Mac. Of course, non-App Store software means no automatic update through the App Store... but at least you'll get any releases available! The migration is simple: you move the App Store version to the trash and replace it by the version available on our download page.

NB: the fact that the app store version checks the updates on our website is a bug it simply shouldn't do that. Again, since we can't update the application for several months now, this bug can't be fixed.

 Version 2.2 of Advanced Examples for Find & Replace It! available

This is demonstration package that contains some examples of the advanced replacement capabilities of Find & Replace It! especially when it comes to dynamic text replacements.

This version of these examples requires Find & Replace It! 2.2 and up.

Future Enhancements for Find & Replace It!...

There are a few important objectives for the future releases of Find & Replace It!

Our primary objective is to provide a revamped UI, lighter and easier to understand. We also would like to provide a dynamic assistant to guide the user through basic or advanced text processing tasks. This should be done for version 3.0.

We have a second goal, which is to expand the support for regular expressions. Currently we handle regexps to the extent of the Qt's regexp engine capabilities. In the future we would like to provide a regexp's engine fully compatible with PERL-like regexps. We are working on this for version 3.0.

Another goal is to provide the undo/redo for mass replacements in files. This would be a very nice feature if you have corrupted thousands of files due to a poorly defined regexp. Hopefully, this objective will be fulfilled with version 4 of Find & Replace It!

We would be more that happy to hearing your feedback about these plans.

We are looking for translators!

Does anyone would like to help us localizing Find & Replace It!, in return of a few activation keys? Yes? Here is the deal:

  • You translate the UI of Find & Replace It! to the language of your choice (its currently around 800 entries to translate, see below to understand what this implies).
  • We provide you with 10 licenses (10 activation keys).
  • We grant you the right to freely use those activation keys, including the right to sell them to whoever you want, as long as you and/or your customers accept our licensing terms: (License Terms)
  • Your translations are going to be included in a next release of the software.
  • You grant us the right to use your translations for any future releases of Find & Replace It!
  • You agree to do at least one upgrade of the translation for the next major release of Find & Replace It! There will be a few updates required for the version 3, compared to version 2, and we'd like that you do those adjustments.

The source language is English and the requested target languages are:

  • Chinese (zh_CN): already assigned, last updated for v2.3.1
  • Dutch (nl): waiting for sample
  • French (fr): already assigned, last updated for v2.3.3
  • German (de)
  • Italian (it)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR): already assigned, last updated for v2.2.2
  • Spanish (es)
  • Russian (ru)

The sources to be translated are available as a downloadable archive. This archive is usually updated after each release of the software.

Getting Started

Find & Replace It! is based on the Qt Framework and thus you'll have to use an application named Linguist. This is the software proposed by Qt to perform the localization of any Qt-based application. Actually, it is very easy to use, here is the online manual: You can grab the Qt 4.8.7 binaries on this page. The Linguist application is shipped alongside the Qt binaries.

Regarding the process to translate the software, we know that for most entries file that consist of a few words, it's easy to do the translation directly within the .TS file with a text editor. However, when it comes to complex entries containing a few paragraphs of text, entries with several possible translations (one for the singular form and one per plural form), etc., it is very easy to corrupt the format of the text to translate (removing line breaks, forgetting to escape some XML reserved chars, etc.). Moreover, by using a classical text editor you may corrupt the XML format or even damaged the text encoding (which must be UTF-8) without noticing. Finally, if you use the Linguist application, you'll have some checks for the integrity of the translation, you'll have a preview of the translation for most texts that appear in the GUI (which helps understand the context of the text to translate), you'll have indications on the current progress of your translation work,  you'll have access to automatic suggestions for similar translations in different contexts, you'll have the ability to build a dictionary of translations, etc.

For all the reasons above, we strongly suggest that you use the Linguist tool, not a simple text editor!

Application to Became an Official Translator

In order to avoid that several people start translating to the same language please contact us before doing anything. Once a test translation has been approved for one language we'll indicate that someone is working on that language. We won't accept any tranlation from non-native speaker for the target language.

Find & Replace It! is based on the Qt Framework and thus you'll have to use an application named Linguist. Please read the previous chapter (above) for more details.

Still interested in doing the translation of FRI? Do you feel like if you could easily install the Linguist application, and handle the translation from English to one of the languages proposed above? OK then, please try to do some translations on this downloadable file: open the file FindReplaceIt_<your language>.ts in the archive and start working on some translations with Linguist. You don't need to translate everything, 20 entries are enough to do a test. If you accept this test and you send us back something usable at support[at], you'll have 1 first license for sure. Then, when you will finish the translation you'll have the other activation keys.

Tips and Pitfalls